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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 4, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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we are seeing what that really means in america and that is really at the crux of this, because, you know, everybody says for the last 20 times, they -- they granted the extension. but this is the year like no other year. >> there is already a name for what is going to happen when the super committee has to decide in the next 1.5 trillion in cuts. the christmas crisis. december 30th is the deadline. >> i'm putting in for me vacation right now. >>. it's better to have it in there. >> that's it for us. "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. >> hi guys, good morning. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. outrage growing against congress as the summer recess shuts down much of the faa. 4,000 employees furloughed, plus thousands of others working on airport construction projects. no relief today from the deadly heat wave. baking in the south and midwest. now dozens of deaths in texas, oklahoma, and arizona. after a salacious sex scandal and two-year losing
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streak, tiger woods returns to the pga tour. in less than five hours he tees off in the bridgestone invitational. congress celebrated its long overdue deal on the debt crisis by racing out of town for summer recess. lost in that cloud of dust, funding for the faa and thousands of workers who now can't be paid. >> personally, this is devastating. i've spent -- i spend most of my day trying to figure out what -- what can i not ay, what can i pay, where can i get extra cash. we're pretty much going to burn through all of our savings within a monday. athena jones is on capitol hill. the numbers are huge. 4,000 faa workers furloughed and tens of thousands of other workers idle and doesn't include the billions of dollars in tax money that won't be collected. >> it's not just the thousand of workers who aren't getting a paycheck and therefore not spending their paycheck in this
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fragile economy. it's the money and tax receipts the government is not going to get and because the two parties can't agree on a temporarying funding measure for the faa. they have done it 20 times since 2007. but as always, who is to blame? well, it depends on who you talk to here onhe hill. listen in to what a couple of congressmen had to say about this. >> so we passed a bill in the house, reauthorization bill. it went to the senate. the one person that has the power to bring it up for a vote chose not to and that is senator reid. so i would say that -- maybe the secretary didn't want to say it -- but senator reid should call the senate back in, take up the bill, and pass it. >> we need to get this done and we should get it done today! unfortunately, republicans continue to practice the politic ofonfrontation and hostage-taking. and it is severely damaging our
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economy and the livelihoods of people across our nation. >> reporter: what are they fighting over? funding for the faa temporarily. the republican house passed a bill that included a provision that would eliminate funding for -- services to rural airports that subsidizes. republicans believe that's a waste of money. on the democratic side, ough, they say the republicans are just using this issue to force a larger issue on union organizing. they want -- democrats want to make it easier for airline workers to unionize and republicans don't want them to. i spoke with a democratic aide here on the senate side this morning and they said there are discussions ongoing and that they are optimistic that something may be able to be worked out in the next day or two on this so we will stay on that. >> does congress have to come back to town to fix this? >> reporter: they don't have to come back. there is something called unanimous consent.
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if both sides can reach an agreement how to go forward then they don't have to all come back in town and pass it with technical unanimous consent method. >> got it. millions of americans the state of economy can be summed up as we know in one word -- jobs. or more specifically, lack of jobs. just minutes ago, we learned the number of people filing for the first time changed little last week. ali velshi is back bus from new york. okay. so ali, break it down for us. >> reporter: every week, we get a report that tells you the number of people who signed up for unemployment benefits for the first time. the previous week. we get that number today. turns out about 400,000. that is very similar to the number it was last week. it's a little bit less than what economists had expected so that's a little bit of good news and that is helping the market right now. but not much. when you're at 400,000 people a week signing up for unemployment benefits that is a bad sign. just that is the new normal. what we have now is the debt ceiling largely behind us
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investors all around are turning their attention to the economy and whether or not we're looking at a double dip recession or another recession. it wouldn't be a double dip really. that discussion has taken the forefront. how does that apply to regular people who are looking at jobs or looking for jobs as you said, kyra? it doesn't. but all of this talk about uncertainty about whether we are going into another recession means companies who might have been thinking about hiring more people, all of a sudden, get a little bit scared and say, hold on, maybe i better hold on to my money and not spend it. consumers are doing the same thing. if we tell you the job situation is not getting any better you start to think, well, what if i'm unemployed for a little while? i better keep my savings with us. it's not a bad plan but a hard way to get out of an economic rut so where we are right now. a market open is probably going to be low. the dow was off in triple digits. the futures were at least a little while ago and starting to improve. the jobless numbers probably
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didn't hurt that situation but tomorrow is the important day. it is the unemployment numbers for the month of july and not expecting a strong number. we are expecting about 75,000 job gain. as you know, we have talked about this for years, that is not enough. >> yeah. all right. ali, thanks. we turn overseas now. 5 nearly 50 yearsof baath party rule they are organized a political system. one day after the u.n. security council for his leadership against opposition protesters. his critics say the reforms he promises are all for show. the syrian military keeps pou pounding hamad at the heart of the five-month uprising. for hours yesterday, we showed you the picketss. opposition activists reports dozens more deaths this week. you remember the standoff we told you about the teen girl in
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australia and a suspected bomb possibly strapped to her we told you about yesterday? it was a hoax. we have the latest for you out of london. we could barely get the information yesterday. we knew it had a different factor to it and it did turn out to be a hoax. >> reporter: as you described it, it's a bizarre story. i think everyone is scratching their heads about what is this all about? give you the back story on what happened, what unfolded on wednesday afternoon in australia time. police were called to this upscale suburn neighborhood on sydney harbor to a home where they found an 18-year-old girl who was strapped to what was considered a very suspicious device. it took police about ten hours to detach this device from this girl who was then taken to a hospital and looked over. she was okay, just very, i guess, a bit injured in terms of having this device strapped to her. now, police said tey found out
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that actually it was a hoax. it wasn't a bomb at all. it just seem as though -- they called it a very, very elaborate hoax. now police were told by this 18-year-old that this man had, in a disguise, had broken into her home and then attached this device on to her and they have no suspects right now. they are saying than was, according to police, they are saying it was an attempted exploitation but so many questions surrounding this case because there must have been some tv cameras. it's a very wealthy neighborhood and one would wonder someone must have seen something, specifically the fact tt must have been tight security around these houses. so, again, so many questions surrounding this story but the girl is doing okay. >> her parents, i believe, talked this morning, right? what did they say? >> reporter: they were saying she is doing fine. she is doing much better in that she is in a bit of pain. but she is doing okay.
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but, again, they are asking for people to just respect their privacy at this time. >> understandable. monita, thanks. president obama turns ooed 50 today. his big birthday bash kicked off last night in chicago. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ >> jennifer hudson you see right there. she led a crowd about 2,400 people in singing happy birthday to the president. it wasn't all a celebration. the event was also about politics and doubled as a fund-raiser. you don't have time to play these partisan games. we have got too much work to do. over the next several months, i hope congress is focused on what the american people are focused on -- making sure that the economy is growing. >> well, the president also had
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dinner with about a hundred supporters most of whom would who paid almost $35,000 each to attend. brianna keilar is live at the white house. david wu officially resigning overnig overnight. >> reporter: it went into effect at 11:59 last night. congressman wu announced last week he was resigning after he was accused of unwanted sexual advanced towards a fund-raiser's daughter. he announced last week he was going to resign but it doesn't go into effect until last night. he hung around so he could cast his vote in favor of increasing -- or his vote, pardon me, on the debt ceiling vote. was this a story that broke by the oregonian newspaper. last month, it was reported that the daughter of the fund-raiser had called wu's office in may complaining about this incident that had happened all the way back in november around thanksgiving. the daughter was 18 at the time.
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so this caused quite an uproar on capitol hill and wu's district, we should mention, is strongly democratic, so the political wing of democrats in the house are hoping they can hang on to this seat but we expect the governor of oregon is going to announce a special election. kyra, you probe -- you know, we cover politics, we cover presidential candidates. jon huntsman, a former utah governor -- >> great musician. >> reporter: he dropped out of high school to join a band! he used to be the ambassador to china. we covered these campaign events where they are like the main street walk down main street. they are normally pretty predictable but check this out. kind of a weird moment. let's listen! ♪ yep, that's right. that is jon huntsman sort of rocking out on the keyboards there to the charlie brown theme song. he is going down main street and walking through the stores
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meeting people in manchester, new hampshire. a must-win state, of course. he walked into a music store and he is persuaded to play a song and so he does. >> here is the big question. why the charlie brown theme? that is what i want to know. that is the one question reporters didn't ask and i'm counting on you on find out! >> reporter: i'm just going to speculate. were you in band as a kid? >> actually, yes. you will laugh at the first song we learned how to play. is that what you learned? >> reporter: yes, this is one of the songs i learned on my clarinet in band. it's a crowd-pleaser. let's be clear. it's a crowd-pleaser. >> i played the clarinet too but it was "star wars" that i learned how to play! >> that's way better! >> maybe you and and i and huntsman with form a band after we finish our careers. >> reporter: yeah, next career. >> we will talk to you again. your next political update in an hour.
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and maybe a duo with me and briana as well maybe. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ the persistence of a cold case duct leads to new evidence evidence from serial killer ted bundy and tell her how her work could unlock dozens and dozens of unsolved murders. dallas could hit 34 days in a row of 100-degree plus heat. any relief in sight? take you there live in a moment. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c300 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends august 31st. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears.
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30 people injured, one critically after an accident in new york state. a bus carrying polish tourists flipped over on the interstate. police say the driver was going too fast for the rainy conditions last night. listen to this for these young campers in northern new jersey. a black bear wandered into their camp site, grabbed one sleeping boy by the foot, and then went into another tent and swiped at a second boy. they are fine, thank goodness. superficial wounds. the bear wandered off on its own, by the way. turn on the faucet in small town in oklahoma and guess what? nothing. 00 homes bone dry. apparently they can't get water to one section of keatonville. only 12 feet of water in that tower and supposed to be 115 feet. >> this is one of the most serious conditions that this district has ever experienced. by the time i get the water to keatonville, all of the people in this area have used the
6:17 am
water. >> well, the town is buying 2, 00 gallons of water per minute from tulsa now. but other areas could go dry. it isn't as dry as dallas but it's sweltering. if it gets over a hundred degrees in dallas today, it will be the 34th day in a row for that. and this has set a power usage record for the city, too. ed lavandera has more. >> reporter: inside this dallas auto repair shop, miguel gonzalez is hot and thirsty. >> feel good now! >> reporter: but victims of the heat wave just keep pouring into his garage. you got a mess on your hand. cars everywhere? >> yeah. we got people coming. >> reporter: so this car overheated? >> overheated. >> reporter: this car? >> the rail busted because they saw heat. we put a brand-new engine in this one. >> reporter: this overheated? >> overheated because all of the oil come up. >> reporter: gonzalez opened
6:18 am
david's garage three years ago and named it after his son but it wasn't until temperatures shot up over a hundred degrees more than a month ago that business erupted. now there's little time to rest. kind of struggle to stay cool and hydrated. i think you like it because business is good. >> exactly it, yeah. people got a lot of problems and we got the chance to make some money. >> reporter: miguel gonzalez is one of the few enjoying the record heat. most people around texas, oklahoma, and arkansas, are down right miserable. little rock, arkansas, reached an all-time high temperature of 114 degrees on wednesday. in oklahoma city, ice chests with bottled water were loaded on to school buses that don't have air-conditioning. it all made for a long ride home. >> the windows were all down and everyone was like sticking their arms out the windows and stuff. >> reporter: for a few hours on thursday, shawnee, oklahoma, looked like old faithful.
6:19 am
a water main break nearly drained all of the city's drinking water. it's all been fixed now. across texas so much demand on the power grid has left thousands temporarily without electricity. >> the high usage is causing people to use more electricity in order to stay safe and comfortable. and it's making it harder for our equipment to cool off. >> reporter: many high school marching bands and football teams are working under the punishing sun and scorching heat. how are you feeling? these players had to leave the field because it got too hot. >> we get gatorade and replenish them and they will be good. >> reporter: ed lavandera is live outside of dallas for us. >> the coach sounded like he wasn't too worried about his players, but we have been hearing all of these stories about kids, even coveaches and collapsing and dying from the heat sometimes. >> reporter: it doesn't have to be over a hundred degrees to make this a really serious problem. you know, the deaths we have seen, one in florida, georgia, a coach that collapsed here in the dallas area.
6:20 am
really the heat index is what they monitor a lot of times. we have heard of teams monitoring that heat index once it gets to a certain point, they take them off the field. some marching bands in north texas area not practicing outside and taken their rehearsals indoors. >> ed, we will follow the story closely. 33 days now of a hundred plus heats. tiger woods has a new caddie and new swing and a new start. can he get back to the old tiger? we are on the course to his return to the tour next. and coming up, he's been the face of the muscular muscular d association for decades but jerry lewis has hosted his last labor day telethon. the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
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showbiz headlines for you. the securities and exchange commission says hugh hefner's son-in-law traded playbook stock using insider information and accused of using that knowledge. he has grooeed to pay $168,000 to settle the sec's lawsuit. dolly parton apologized to a gay couple. one of the women was denied entrance because of her marriage is so gay t-shirt. park employee made her turn it inside out. dolly said she totally supports the gay community and all families welcome at her park. after more than 50 years supporting the muscular dystrophy association, jerry lewis is out as the national chairman. the mda thanked him for his
6:24 am
service calling him a world class humanitariahumanitarian. he hosted the mda telethon every year. tiger woods is back on the tour. almost two years since woods last won a tournament. cnn's ted rowlands is at firestone country club in akron, ohio, for tiger's return. ted, a lot of things going on, not only the injuries, but also let's not forget a sex scandal that completely rocked his head in the game. >> reporter: yeah. well, it's been about two years of inconsistent play on the course and then off the course, all of the troubles, too. he says he is ready to go, though. he was injured in the spring. he walked off the course at the tpc with a knee injury and achilles heel injury. he says that he took his doctor's advice. so physically he has taken enough time off to where he says he is feeling better than he has in years.
6:25 am
physically, he is ready to go. we will see how he does. he tees off 1:40 eastern time today. >> something else all of us golfers are paying close attention to is his caddie. this is interesting. it's his childhood buddy and he also is going to be teeing off with one of his best friends derek clark. it's interesting he is surrounding himself by a very familiar posse here. interesting to see if that makes an impact on his game, how relaxed he is and if he actually performs better by doing this. >> reporter: yeah. you know, steve williams thing, this is his caddie for the last 12 years, they have won it all. they have had a great run. there are some hard feelings there. tiger announced he was parting ways with steve williams and williams told a reporter he felt like he wasted the last two years of his life, so that is sort of the subplot of drama. you mentioned clark, that is the luck of the draw who is he
6:26 am
playing with today. a good pairing likely because they do get along well together. but as you have already said, the golf world is watching very closely today and this entire tournament. won the tournament seven times and which tiger will show up this weekend. >> a lot of people paying attention. tiger woods needs five more major wins to pass jack nicklaus as the greatest golfer of all time. can he do it? we will ask mike walker later this hour. dow snapped eight session losing streak yesterday but the bulls are heading back to the sidelines this morning. we will go live to the new york stock exchange. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms. [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease.
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meat processor garr carrgil
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is recalling ground turkey and linked to salmonella illness in 26 states and authorities believe it may be related to one death in california. new york mayor michael bloomberg putting up 30 million dollars of his own money to fund a new program. he wants to improve economic and occasional opportunities for young female and black latino males in the city. . ♪ >> that is chicago native jennifer hudson singing happy birthday to the president. he turns 50 today. he attended an early birthday celebration last night in chicago and going to two campaign fund-raisers right after that. lison kosik is at the new york stock exchange where the trading day just getting started. alison, what do you think? what can we expect today? i guess i ask you that every day, don't i?
6:31 am
especially in this time when we are really watching those numbers. >> reporter: we really are. it looks like yesterday's gains, they were just a mirage. dow down 72 points now. let's look on the bright side. the blue chips did manage to snap eight-session losing streak on wednesday ever so briefly. investors worry about where the economy is headed and new concerns about how serious europe's economic problems are right now. back here at home, weekly jobless claims edged down by 1,000 to 400,000 and better than expected but still nothing to write home about. i do have one good piece of news, though. general motors earnings, the automaker posted big jumps in both quarterly sales and profits. gm saying it sees solid improvement this year. >> we talked about this yesterday and i'm curious after watching the markets, you know, the way they ended up at the end of the day, this talk about the possibility of another recession. you mentioned it. what was the reaction by the end of the day? >> reporter: you know what?
6:32 am
traders and economists, they continue to be increasingly worried. the past week or two, i'm hearing these whispers get louder about this "r" word again. even we saw in an op-ed by larry summers. the treasury secretary, ends president clinton and saying 1 in 3 chance of a new recession. all of this talk is stirring up more talk of the fed possibly stepping in with another stimulus package to boost the economy and that chatter is the reason we saw markets end a bit higher yesterday. still, even though all of these odds for a recession are increasing, many people are still saying it is unlikely a second recession will actually happen, but what we really need to see is this economic data improve before everybody is absolutely certain of that. kyra? >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange, thanks. congress is on summer break. and they are getting a lot of flak for it too. why? well, they left town without
6:33 am
funding the federal aviation administration. now 4,000 faa workers are facing a month or more without a paycheck. tens of thousands of private workers are also cut off because airport construction projects had to be shut dow >> we are like anybody else. trying to go to work and get a paycheck and have a good job and get our medical benefits back. >> put people before politics. let's get america back to work now. and let's start right here on this projt. >> president obama says that all americans stand tos will from this impasse because more than $1 billion in taxes may go uncollected. brianna keilar, what is the president calling for now? >> reporte he is calling for congress to come back and he is saying this is a self-inflicted wound and, boy, is the white house really putting the full-court press on. i've been out here about 20 minutes and i want to tell you what i witnessed. transportation secretary ray lahood has been the voice here calling for congress to come back to town and pass this. i watched him do the cable
6:34 am
rounds here in the last 20 minutes. he was on mnbc and then on fox news and on cnn this morning. and earlier this morning and then he has gone over now to do bloomberg tv. he is all over the map here doing the full-court press as there is two things going on surrounding this faa funding bill. first off, the house did pass a bill. of course, the house is republican-controlled and there is something in that bill the democrats don't like. it eliminates subsidies for rural airports, specifically an emphasis in nevada, montana, and new mexico, where, kyra, as you know, there are influential democratic senators. democrats do not like this. but behind the scenes, there is actually a larger issue going on and it has to do with the recent decision that republicans don't like. a recent decision that would make it easier for airline workers to unionize. now, i should tell you and you heard this earlier, kyra. our athena jones at cnn was talking to a democratic
6:35 am
leadership aide earlier and she says there is an optimism from this aide that the senate can come back and perhaps resolve in this the next day or two. >> perfect timing as the construction workers behind you continue! sorry about that. we will get back to you in the next hour. detective looking for evidence in a decades-old cold case find dna from notorious serial killer ted bundy. how that find could help close dozens of other uninvolved murders. car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year.
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now a search for evidence in a decades-old murder that leads a detective to dna from notoous serial killer ted bupedy. we are talking about this little girl. 8-year-old ann ma rear burr from ka tow ma, pennsylvania. she vanished from her home in 1961 when ted bundy was just 14 years old. her home was a daily stop on bundy's paper route. now this newly discovered of
6:39 am
vile of ted bundy blood that has been setting on a shelf unnoticed could break this case. it was your investigative instincts that led to the discovery of bundy's blood. detective, you know, ann marie burr, tell me why you're still on this case and what led you to lead to this evidence in this murder? >> ann marie burr is the oldest unsolved case with the tacoma police department and we are in the end stages of developing our cold case unit here with ou police department. we have approximately 190 unsolved cases here and her being the oldest case and the fact that she was a child and ted bundy's name has been a suspect's name that pops up in that case over the last year.
6:40 am
however, there really has been nothing to link him to the case. >> wow. so here is what is interesting, detective. you started looking through the files. you're going through this one specific cold case. and you find the name of this detective in florida that may have some dna evidence, but what he comes back with is actually a vile vial of blood. how did it remain on the shelves unnoticed for so many years? >> the blood vial was discovered actually by the lab director for the tallahassee, florida, department of law enforcement crime lab. and i had contacted him early on back in december of last year to find out if ted bundy -- in the database. he told me that it wasn't. so we got to talking and sort of putting our heads together and trying to figure out how we could come up with a sample of his dna. he had been trying for years to come up with a sample and was
6:41 am
unable to locate one. >> now you can find out in a week if, indeed, there's a match. final question, detective. could this vial of blood actually help you solve other cold cases there that could be tied to ted bundy in washington and possibly other states across the country? >> absolutely. we are hoping that his dna profile will be uploaded into the national krl database the next week or so and the word getting out his dna is now available, we are hoping that other detectives around the country will take a look at their old cases, cases from the '70s, and determine whether or not any of those cases could be related to ted bundy and, if so, you know, submit those items of evidence to their crime lab and see if they are able to generate anything. >> what a way to kick off the new cold case unit in tacoma.
6:42 am
detective, thanks a lot and we will follow up. tiger woods is returning to the pga tour and is he in the game and is his game enough to return? we will talk about it coming up. it looked like old faithful smack in the middle of oklahoma. water main break drained one city dry. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today.
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check news across the country. hiker stranded three days in the oregon wilderness has been upgraded to fair condition. the 28-year-old woman rescued by a helicopter crew after getting lost and wasn't carrying survival supplies or a cell phone. two teens have been arrested for vandalizing a historic church and cemetery and they broke windows and spray painted graffiti causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to a site that dates back to the civil war. after days without drinking water, things are finally getting back to normal in shawnee, oklahoma. multiple water main breaks left folks there high and dry right in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave. tropical storm emily could bring more misery to haiti now. 600,000 people are still living in tents and that storm is unleashing major downpours on
6:46 am
the nation. u.n. peacekeepers on the alert for mudslides. >> it's hard to say how much rain they have gotten but it's parked over hispaniola for 10 to 12 hours. as of right now, it's stationary. the latest observation show the center of it somewhere around here about a hundred miles south of port-au-prince and torrential rain rains across the country here. it will not only dump a lot of rain but lose a little bit of its punch. 50-mile-per-hour winds not how well that will hold. as it emerges in the southern bahamas going forward. it gets into the southern bahamas is a threat. pretty confident about it going off towards the north and east. what we are not confident about how far to the west it gets.
6:47 am
southern florida and southeastern florida, pay close attention to this. because it's a very good possibility that it makes direct landfall or at least scoots the coastline enough to where you get some wind, maybe some storm surgery and maybe, in some cases, some beneficial rain. that is the other thing with this. another tropical system at a tropical storm or very weak hurricane, it might bring beneficial rains. for the folks in haiti and dominican republic none of the rain they receive now will be beneficial. california teen digging a sand tunnel is buried a live. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> easy. easy. e lax! >> he is pulled out after about a hundred people rushed to rescue him. he apparently had been digging this tunnel and it started to collapse. he was during that period for about half an hour so lack of oxygen was definitely an issue there. he was disoriented when they pulled him out but is he going to be okay. we hope to talk to maeb of the
6:48 am
newport beach fire department about that rescue next hour. tiger woods tees off in four hours. he has his boyhood friend caddying for him at the bridgestone invitational. can that help tiger break his losing streak and get his head back in the game? we will ask "golf" magazine's mike walker. another badly behaving sports star. a-rod about reported illegal poker games. that story in ten minutes. t stav
6:49 am
6:50 am
and get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including a scale and free postage to use during your trial. go to and never go to the post office again. okay, allison kosik at the new york stock exchange, the trading day just getting started and not looking so good? >> some comments from the head
6:51 am
of the european central bank, one factor that's unsettling the markets today, risks to economic growth in europe, they may be growing more intense, so you add that to the troubles here at home, this sort of constant litany of bad news on the economic front here in the u.s. about our own economic growth, that's what's got wall street selling right now. also we have got investors bracing for a big jobs report, economists at cnn money, they expect the economy has created only 75,000 jobs in july. that's pretty weak, we need at least 100,000 jobs added just to keep up with population growth. there are 14 million people out of work, and we're just not creating enough jobs. wall street is getting worried to say the least. >> allison, we'll keep talking. checking stories making headlines later today, a u.s. army private plotting to bomb a
6:52 am
texas restaurant frequented by soldiers is expected to appear in court today. and leon panetta will disburse news conferences today as defense secretary. >> reporter: if you thought the fighting was over on capitol hill with congress in recess, think again. this time the battle is over faa funding. i'll have that story at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm brianna keilar at the white house, president barack obama turns 50 today, how is he celebrating? a little partying, a little serenading by jennifer hudson. >> a lot of activity in washington, i'm poppy harlow in new york. remember david cassidy, the star of the partridge family? now he is going after sony, the company that owns the show for merchandising money he says he was cheated out of.
6:53 am
sony says that's not the case. we'll have the exclusive in the next hour. and dallas could hit 34 days in a row of 100-degree plus heat. any relief in sight? we'll take you there live. the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c., martin luther king jr. memorial. take your seat at the table on august 28th. ♪ martin luther king jr. memor♪ . ♪ ♪
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6:56 am
secret calls, salacious texts, his cheating scandal, it not only shocked all of us, it truly affected his game. is it even possible for tiger to get his head back into the game and win? mike walker, senior editor of golf magazine and we love to talk tiger. so what do you think, mike? >> it's like today sports greatest reality show starts up again. i think this course, i think he's going to play well, i think that he's going to get back. but certainly with all the changes going on, it's almost like you know a football team is playing bad and they fire the coach and they do this, he can't fire himself. so he's making a lot of changes. this is sort of pink slip season on the pga tour, when guys aren't playing well, they have to make some changes. >> i have got to talk about his caddy, this is his childhood
6:57 am
buddy, and one of his best friends danger clark that's going to be playing right there alongside of him. how do you think this familiar posse, this tight pot ssse coul influence his head starting to play again today? >> it's going to look -- i think having him there, in some way, tiger's not ready to go through a new caddy and build up that new rapport again. he didn't need to start fresh with anybody. >> and let's, for full disclosure, brian was the one that was tied to bringing, one, possibly more mistresses to tiger. so, you know, can we read into this? does this tell us anything about tiger's personal life? his ways?
6:58 am
you know what i'm asking here. >> has he changed his ways? i think tiger's looking at this as if you stuck with him during the scandal then you're his guy for life, and the people who tried to distance themselves, which i think stevy did a little, you're out. there only must be two or three people left in the circle. but it's definitely an acknowledgement of you stuck with me when times were tough and i'm going to stick with you. >> it's going to be interesting to watch him play and see how he does. mike, we'll talk after the tournament, sound good? >> thanks, kyra, sounds great. other stories making sports headlines today, major league baseball plans to interview alex rodriguez about allegations that he took part in illegal, underground poker games. espn is reporting the yankees superstar could be suspended if
6:59 am
it's proved that a-rod took part in those games. reportedly they also included people like leonardo dicaprio. and the game winning homer against cleveland with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. it was the second night in a row that ellsbury got the walk off winning hit. and check out this amazing soccer goal. takes the pass, and a terrific bicycle kick for the scorer. he works on that shot in practice, by the way. the mexicans sack barcelona 4-1. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. thanks for staying was, everyone. outrage growing against congress as the summer recess shuts down
7:00 am
much of the faa, 4,000 employees furlowed plus thousands of others working on construction projects. no relief today from the heat baking the southwest and the midwest. now dozens of deaths affecting texas, oklahoma and arizona. after a two-year losing streak, tiger woods returns to the pga tour. in less than four hours, he tees off at the bridgestone invitational. well, we want to begin this hour with another breathtaking plunge on wall street. we're just about 30 minutes into the new trading day and it looks like your investments and retirement plans may be in for another wild ride. allison cossack, what's the latest and what go you think is the cause f the big drop this morning? >> more worries about the health of european economies and the debt crisis over there, comments from the european central bank, there's one factor that's
7:01 am
rattling the markets, risks to economic growth in europe, they may be growing more intense. and here we're watching stocks plunge, the dow right now is at an 8% drop from its recent highs, that's equivalent to almost 1,000 points. it's part of the reason why we're seeing a spike. that's the fear index here on wall street that sort of measures fe in the marketplace, the vix is reporting 3%. first-time filings for unemployment claims fell by 1,000, but they're still trending at that 400,000 level soe're still seeing people continuing to be laid off, that these jobless trends are really just treading water at this point. investors, kyra, they're bracing themselves for tomorrow when the big government jobs report comes out. you have to remember june's job editions of the economy were pathetic. we only added 18,000 jobs so wall street is really bracing
7:02 am
for the numbers that come out tomorrow. >> allison kosik, thanks. congress celebrated it's long overdue deal on the debt crisis by racing out of town for summer recess and lost in that cloud of dust, money for the faa and 4,000 workers who now can't be paid and tens of thousands of construction workers are out of work because they had to be shut down. and for all the workers, next month will be agonizing. >> personally, thiis devastating. i have spent -- i spend most of my day trying to figure out what can i not pay, what can i pay, where can i get extra cash? we're pretty much going to burn through all of our savings within a month. >> covering all the angles of this story, brianna keilar is at the white house. let's start with you. what's the president calling
7:03 am
for? >> come back, congress, that's what the president is calling for, kyra, he said this yesterday, calling this a self-inflicted wound and the face of the pressure that the white house is putting on congress is the transportation secretary, ray la hood who's a republican. he was at the top of the white house briefing yesterday and last hour, i was standing out here for about 20 minutes and i watched him do the cable rounds, he was on msnbc, he was on cnn earlier in the morning, he went over to fox, then he went over to bloomberg tv, this is the message the white house is really troying to hammer. one of these things -- it's the 70,000 people who are without work because of this, or 74,000 as we heard white house press secretary jay carney yesterday say. this is very interesting because actually the george mason university professor, stephen fuller whose study was used to come up with that figure said
7:04 am
that the number is actually more like a third of that 70,000 number. the white house is saying it's about 4,000 faa workers furlowed and 70,000 construction workers who are not able to do airport construction projects, but fuller saying this is a simplification at best and an exaggeration at worst, but still tens of thousands of people not working this month because of this, kyra. >> so athena, let me ask you, how are lawmakers there on cap hill reacting to the latest round of pretty bad p.r.? >> reporter: there are discussions ongoing that there was optimism that they might be able to work this out in the next couple of days. but what's at issue here is that the democrats and republicans are fighting over this temporary funding for the faa. this is a matter at has been fairly routine over the last several years. what's interesting now is this
7:05 am
house passed bill that a republican congressman attached to a provision to that would eliminate subs sidies for small town airports, these are areas that may get 500 passengers over the course of an entire year and they've got the government subsidizing to the tune of $3,700 in a ticket in one estimate. the republicans say we need to not waste that money. democrats are just using this rural airport issue to try to force the democrats' hand on a larger issue, which is t issue of unionizing workers. democrats wanted to make it easier for employees to unionize and republicans don't want that. you remember the partridge family pop star david cassidy? his face was all over the place in the '70s.
7:06 am
you probably had the "tiger beat" magazine, right? remember the game boards to l j lunch boxes? >> i was told by my manager that i receid a check for$5,000 and i never heard another word. >> now almost 40 years later, cassidy claims he was cheated out of merchandising profits and wants to get paid. the show's owner says that's not truchlt. plus an incredible rescue effort to save a boy's life at the beach. we're talking to the bttalion chief ahead. ♪ happy birthday to you >> president obama hits the big 5-0, celebrating his birthday with celebrities, politicians and, yes, a little serenade by kate hudson.
7:07 am
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7:10 am
unloaded on students and professors. from virginia tech t police there telling us that there's a possibility of a person carrying a weapon there on campus so. they are suggesting that everyone stay inside for their safety. apparently, regular school is not in session right now, but summer sessions are still going on. not sure who first reported this, but right now virginia tech police saying that the university of -- virginia tech university is on lockdown, possibly because of a person carrying a weapon there on campus. we're following this for you getting news by the second now, we'll keep you posted. let's check other news across country, at least 30 people are injured, one critically after an accident in new york state a bus carrying polish tourists flipped on the interstate. police say the driver was going too fast for the rainy conditions last night. and a scary night for some campers in northern new jersey. a black bear wandered into their
7:11 am
campsite actually grabbing one of the sleeping boys by the foot. he went into another tent and swiped at another boy. the bear left on its own. 200 homes bone dry, officials say they can't get water to one of the sections of keatonville, there's only 12 feet of water in thattow tower. there's supposed to be 115 feet. >> this is one of the most serious conditions that this district has ever experienced. by the time i get the water to keatonville, all the people in this area have used the water. >> the town's buying 2,800 gallons of water per minute from tulsa now, but other areas could go dry as well. it's another blazing hot day across the south. if it hits 100 degrees in dallas today, that would be the 34th day in a row, 34 days, that's
7:12 am
led to a record number of power usage. ed lavendera, what are people doing in the south to protect themselves? >> reporter: well, you know, a lot of people basically staying indoors as much as they can. one of the interesti ing sights saw, a long line of cars trying to get into one of the shopping malls here in dallas. i figure that kind of made sense, you can save the electrical bill at your own house and use someone else's air conditioning. you see a lot of that and a lot of people staying inside as long as possible, but of course that's creating the electrical demand that state regulators are really worried about and that will happen again today, emergency warnings going out asking people to conserve as much energy as possible. we have seen some rolling blackouts and temporary outages in various areas of the state due to increased demand. today will very likely go over
7:13 am
100 degrees making it 34 straight days. the all-time record in the dallas-ft. worth area is 42 days, we'll reach that mark next friday if things continue, definitely over the weekend we'll be seeing temperatures over 100 degrees and very likely that will continue into next week, so the reality of probably reaching that record is very real so we'll see how that plays out. no other place suffering like wichita falls, texas that broke the contesecutive number of day 43 days, they dropped down one time at 98, if they had not done that they would have been 63 days over 100 degrees. we have seen more than two dozen heat related deaths in texas, oklahoma and arkansas. and of course now as we're getting closer to school starting up, some students in oklahoma city, classes started this week, they found they didn't have air conditioning in
7:14 am
various classrooms so they had to move kids to other classrooms. and of course you've got football players and marching bands out here in this heat as well. many precautions being taken to protect those kids as well. >> it just amazes me that they're still out there practicing and especiallily the band students, it's really hard to comprehend. more than 30 days now past 100 degrees. look at this, a california teen was almost buried alive and it's caught on video. that's about 100 people that you see there rushing to help rescue the boy. he was under seven feet of beach sand. he was trapped for about half an hour too, so lack of oxygen, definitely an issue. we have got battalion chief jeff boyles from the new port beach
7:15 am
fire department. what did you see once you arrived on scene, once you got the call? >> when we arrived on scene, new port beach life guards were already on scene with bystanders, these life guards and bistanders were bigging this man out. he and hisven feet deep and the were starting to go lateral to build a tunnel. fortunately for him his cousin had the wherewithal to run over to a life guard's tower. we had three search and rescue units, from huntington beach, the city of cloosta mesa.
7:16 am
as you can imagine, time is of the essence in these types of situations because he's buried and he can't breathe beneath the stand. using proper techniques to keep it from collapsing back on to him. >> i group in southern california and you're always building sand castles and you're digging holes, but they were trying -- do you have any idea why they were trying to build this tunnel? were they just out having fun? was there a purpose behind doing this? i mean these aren't like 10-year-old kids with little shovels and pails, like you said, they're almost -- they're adults. >> you're correct, and any time you dig a hole past about waist height, you do run the risk of that sand coming back in on you and that's something that's very important that we get out to the public not to dig too deep and life guards try to control that. it was a busy day, he did get beneath the surface and no one
7:17 am
noticed it right away. i don't know where he thought he was going with that other than than he was trying to dig an elaborate tunnel and he got down there and that sand came in and he was buried alive for a good 30 minutes or so. as you can imagine, when we pulled him out, he was lethargic, he was hypoxic, he did have some air. but he was rushed to hope hospital and he didn't sustain any life-threatening injuries. it was a good rescue and he was very fortunate. he's a lucky man today to be alive to be quite honest. >> and it's pretty impressive to see all the people that helped you out. chief boyles, new port beach fire department, thanks for calling in. a school official is going to update us on the campus lockdown and those reports about a gunman on the loose, that's just about two minutes away, stay with us. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language.
7:18 am
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7:20 am
back in 2007 more than 30 people were kimmed when a student went on a shooting rampage. on the phone with us now, lynne davis she works at virginia tech in communications. you're actually being told in an area right next to dietrich dining hall where apparently this gunman may b bring us up to date on what the situation is. >> a at 9:37 we got alerts to a person with a gun reported near dietrich and my office is next to dietrich, stay inside, secure doors, emergency personnel responding, call 911 for help.
7:21 am
we have gotten a new update that said that at 9:09, three juveniles reported a man outside that may have had a handgun, they said it was covered by a cloth of some sort and he was walking fast in the direction of the volleyball courts. the officials -- officers responded immediately to the area, but found no one matching the description. in the meantime, all of our doors are locked, outside doors, entrance and all of our inside doors to our offices so we have been told to stay put until we get further information. they have law enforcement officers from virginia tech, blacksburg, montgomery county, all patrolling trying to find the subject. >> just to bring everybody up to date here, you got this aletter that possibly there was somebody with a handgun on campus and you're the first to give us
7:22 am
these details now, three kids at camp allegedly saw this man walking around with a gun covered, by you said, some type of cloth. >> some kind of covering. cloth or some kind of covering. >> what camp are these kids attending? and is it right there near the dining hall? >> we have many, many camps in the summer, sports camps, academic camps, so i'm really not sure which camp they were attending, but we have maybe up to 100 different camps during the summer. so i'm not real sure. it doesn't say. but we have had a lot of kids from all over who come to these various specialized camps. >> got it. and the description of this alleged gunman, can you give us anything more -- >> he was a white male, six feet tall, light brown hair and he had blue and white striped shirt, the stripes were
7:23 am
vertical, gray shorts and brown sandals. the subject had no facial hair or glasses. >> that's pretty detailed and good description. >> yes. >> how close did this man get to these kids? >> well, that's a good question. our alert doesn't say that. >> okay. and so have -- obviously there's probably some pretty concerned parents hearing this and seeing this right now. but -- all these various kids that are attending these various camps there on campus, how do we know that they are in a safe place? >> well, i can tell you everything i can see out my window is nothing, even the construction zone has come to a halt because they were building on to a new -- the west end market is one of our special dining halls right across from deitrick and my office is just about 50 yards from it. the whole construction crew is gone. so i think the whole area's been cleared.
7:24 am
to me, if this is cleared, it indicates everything has been secure. >> got it. >> there's no traffic, no movement, no anything outside. there was also -- we have flashing boards now inside our buildings that gave the alert and also verbal alerts on the sound system outside the building. so i think all of that came into play to help people get secure. >> lynne, right now we just brought up your website, if we could go back to that guys, if that's okay, this is the virginia tech's website where you can actually see the crime alert. and it says person with a gun reported at deitrick, emergency responders on the scene. is this something that somebody could log on to and follow off the detailed information. >> are you on
7:25 am
>> yes. >> anybody can log on to that. >> will you be updating that crime alert? >> i'm sure that university relations will be. our vice president larry minuhi is evaluating. they have gotten very organized to make this very quick and efficient. >> as i'm looking at the website and i've got you on the line, i'm going to read the description one more time. you said that these three kids attending a camp there on virginia tech campus saw a white male with light brown hair, about six feet tall, possibly holding a handgun covered by some type of -- >> it says a weapon and a gun, it does not say handgun. it just says they say the weapon and then we had one e-mail said gun. so those were the two words being used.
7:26 am
it may have been a handgun. >> this description is obvious because we're getting video via the virginia tech security cameras. once began he was wearing a blue and white striped shorts, no glasses, no facial hair. the university on lockdown, you don't see anything from your vantage point. >> exactly. >> i see no one outside. everything has come to a halt and there is no one outside. >> so here's my next question, can parents come and pick up their kids from camp? are you telling everybody stay away from the university at this time? >> well, i'm not in a position to comment on that.
7:27 am
>> okay. >> but most parents have a phone number to call for the camp office, it's our office of summer session, something like that. and -- let's see, if i've got that number. >> that would be great. go ahead and look for that number. >> okay, that number would be 231-3925. >> give me the area code, 540-321-3925. >> and this is the number, i can actually hear my director right now. >> they coordinate the individual camps. the main camp office. the sports offices are involved, academic office is involved, but this is the ordinating office. >> were you there in 2007? >> yes, i was.
7:28 am
i was involved in the media, i'm the command center. >> so i can just imagine what you're thinking and feeling right now. >> well, you know, the sad part is, this seems to be a sign of our times and that's the saddest i can, that our country has gotten -- has so many disturbed people. >> and it was in 2007 when that shooting spree happened. you lost more than 30 people in that shooting rampage. >> one of my interns witnessed everything, she was coming into my office when she saw the people jump out of norris and she got to my office and she was just crying because she saw all the gunmen, the command forces trying to take charge of the building that had just been shot up. >> and there were a lot of changes that were made since 2007. >> yes, lots of changes, lots of lessons learned. we have entered into a new age
7:29 am
of -- that america didn't have before. things seemed -- life seems to be different today and it's sad. that is very sad. that life has come to this. and if you're just tuning in, lynne davis with us on the phone here. with virginia tech's communications. lynne, stay with us, we're going to fake a quick break. if you're just tuning in, once again, virginia tech on lockdown after reports of a man possibly carrying a gun, lynne is bringing us more details than we have been able to get since this story first broke, she's there on campus. she knows firsthand what's taking place, as authorities, a number of authorities from different entities are on this campus, looking for this man. described as a six foot white male, light brown hair, light
7:30 am
blue stripe ed shirt and shorts. no facial hair, no glasses. police need your help finding this man. three kids said they saw him with a handgun on campus. quick break, more breaking news right after this. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
7:31 am
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and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. as you can imagine--it was back in 2007 that we covered that shooting spree where more than 30 people died. a lot of changes have been made to security since then, but today unfortunately we're telling you that virginia tech once again is on lockdown because there's been reports that there could be a gunman on the loose. here's what i can tell you so far. i was just talking to lynne davis who's in communications
7:34 am
there at virginia tech. we had her on the line. we lost her, we're gng to try and get her back with us because she's there on campus, not far from where the alleged gunman was spotted and she was giving us a lot of really good information, you can also go to the virginia tech's website that has an updated crime alert on wh wh what. some kids on campus reported that they saw a man, a six-feet tall, carrying a hand gun, possibly covering it some type of cloth, covering it somehow, possibly with a white cloth. all right so the kids report this gunman and give -- alleged gunman and give a very detailed description. he was wearing a blue and white
7:35 am
striped suit, stripes were vertical, he had gray shorts on, brown sandals, no facial hair or glasses. white male, six feet tall. he was just outside the new residence hall east when these kids saw him. saying that he possibly had something in his hand that looked like a gun. he was covering it with some type of cloth. all right, since that report came in at 9:37, the alert went out and virginia tech has been on lockdown ever since. we're actually streaming through the security cameras there, on virginia tech's campus. unfortunately this news brings back some pretty horrifying news for all of us, back in 2007, that shooting spree that took place on the campus. brianna keilar, as you know, is our white house correspondent and brianna, if you don't mind,
7:36 am
i wanted to bring you in on this because you were actually there in 2000, the first reporter on the scene when that shooting rampage happened back in 2007, april of 2007. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, we were actually well on our way to virginia tech because we had understood that there had been a shooting that might have just been a domestic incident, as we understand it at the time, and that was the shooting, you'll recall, there were two, one was at a resident hall where a young man and a young woman were killed andhe staff at the university thought it might have been a domestic incident so the school was not shut down later in the morning. and that is when the larger shooting that claimed many more lives, dozens of lives at norris hall happened. the school took a tremendous ount of criticism for not shutting things down and so what you're seeing here is really
7:37 am
just a very guarded response by the university. we have seen this time and time again when there have been incidents of question at virginia tech. because there was a lot of criticism and questions raised that if the school had been on lockdown, perhaps the really tremendous losof life we saw a norris hall, maybe it wouldn't have happened, kyra. >> let me ask you this, lynne davis says she's there and says she can see deitrick hall from where she's at. but i asked her about the security policies that were changes, things that were put in place since that horrific day. what do you remember since then, since 2007 of changes that have been made? the criticisms that were being made at that time and what we see now? >> reporter: off the top of my head, i can't speak to details, but i do know that in the years
7:38 am
nothing 2007, we did stories on the additional measures that they had had. i remember at the time, i think that an e-mail had gone out and even though, you know, a lot of students have blackberrys, some don't and there's student who is could have already have been going to their classes and they may not have been able to get an alert so. in the intervening time the university had added alerts, so in the sense that if they were anywhere on campus, they would be able to be notified. i can't speak specifically to the details, but there was this emphasis more on immediacy in alerting the students because that didn't really happen in april of 2007 and the university took a lot of criticism for it. you heard lynne mention larry hinker who was very much the person who was dealing with an inundation of media that came to virginia tech after that. this is someone who certainly has made it his mission, i think, so oversee and certainly
7:39 am
to message about this -- the increase in security and alerts for students. he was there in april of 2007, he's still there managing university relations at virginia tech, kyra. >> and lynne davis was there at the time as well and she's the one that had called in to us, brianna and gave us all the latest details. brianna, thanks so much, appreciate it. briannaas the first reporter on the scene back in 2007 when that shooting happened on virginia tech's campus. if you're just tuning in, virginia tech on lockdown right now, three kids attending a summer camp -- what was that, eddie? okay, good, brianna's going to stay with us there and work her sources from back in 2007 to see if she can get anymore information of what's taking place. but i can bring you up to date with a little information that we do know, that virginia tech is on lockdown, apparently three kids attending a summer camp there, a lot of summer camps that take place on this campus every year, reported that they
7:40 am
saw a man possibly with a handgun, covering it with some type of cloth, we do have a description of that man that authorities are still looking for, it's right here, it's on the crime alert on the website there, six foot tall white male, light brown hair, gray shorts, brown sandals, blue and white striped shirt, no facial hair or glasses, authorities need your help looking for this man right now. more news from virginia tech right after the break. deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. host: could switching to geico reon car insurance? or more
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we're still following breaking news, here's what we can tell you, just about 45 minutes ago, we got reports that there may possibly be a gunman on campus, the university is now in lockdown. you can follow all the updated information on virginia tech's edu website. they do have a crime alert on there. we are working this story as we
7:44 am
speak. we'll continue to bring you as much information as possibly. we are told authorities are on that campus looking for a possible suspect with a handgun, virginia tech on lockdown, we're on it. allison kosik following the pretty bad news out of wall street right now. dow industrials down 213. not looking good. >> it's not, you know what this is about? it's just new concerns about the economy that continually keep piling up, chipping away at investor confidence. even if you look at the dow right now, it's 11,682, it's down 215, it's down 1,000 points since june 23. there's a big fear that problems could spread the fear into the bank and investors here at home. we have some lackluster jobless figures, jobless claims falling by only 1,000 last week.
7:45 am
it is better than expected, but we're still treading water here, just the general sense of pessimism that's been so prevalent lately, it's making for another day of steep losses on the dow. we haven't seen any economic reports that can shake this pessimism at this point. we'll see what happens tomorrow when we get the government's monthly jobs report. everybody here not really counting on it to put any optimism into the mix, kyra. >> allison, the market has lost ground almost every single day for the last two weeks, so is the fed going to do anything to address all this weakness? >> well, you know, the fed itself, it really isn't known for any kind of spur of the moment action, so it's not likely you're going to hear anything today or tomorrow about this. but we could get possibly a better idea of what their thinking is next week when the fed chairman ben bernanke and members meet on tuesday for their regular policy meeting. most fed watchers didn't see we would have another round of
7:46 am
stimulus happening when the second round of stimulus ended back in june. but things have gotten much worse since then so all that's stirring up talk of maybe the fed possibly stepping in with another stimulus package to boost the economy, that would send the markets in the other direction, it would definitely create a rally here on wall street but the fed has to decide to do that. >> the dow down 236 points, it continues to drop as we're fog here, we'll keep talking with you there from the new york stock exchange. also we're continuing to follow the developing story on virginia tech's campus. here's what we know, reports came in about 9:37 eastern time that there was a gunman on campus, three kids attending a summer camp there, called it in, now authorities are apparently looking for this man, this alleged gunman. we're continuing to get in details, we'll bring you up to date right after the break. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
7:47 am
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we're still following that breaking news on virginia tech's campus. here's what we know, about 9:37, an alert came in, three kids attending a summer camp there on campus say that they saw a man, possibly carrying a handgun. they said he was hiding it under some type of cloth. and we did get a description, i'll get to in just a moment, but we had a chance to get the communications, one of the gals in communications there on the phone, she was right next to the dining hall where apparently this man was seen she's still holed up in her office, not far from that dining hall, that dining hall locked down at this moment. we talked to her just about 45 minutes ago, let me let you hear what she told me and then i'll bring you up to date with
7:51 am
information coming in right now. >> reporter: we have many, many camps in the summer, sports camps, academic camps, so i'm really not sure which camp they were attending. but we have maybe up to 100 different camps during the summer. so i'm not real sure, it doesn't say, but we have had a lot of kids from all over who come to these various specialized camps. >> got it. and the description of this alleged gunman, can you give us anything more --? >> he was a white male, six feet tall, light brown hair. >> okay. >> and he had blue and white striped shirt, the stripes were vertical, gray shorts and brown sandals. the subject had no facial hair or glasses. >> that's a pretty detailed and good description. >> yes. >> how close did this man get to these kids? >> well, that's a good question. our alert doesn't say that.
7:52 am
>> okay, and so have -- i mean obviously there's probably some pretty concerned parents hearing this and seeing this right now. what -- all these various kids that are attending these various camps there on campus, how do we know that they are in a safe place? >> well, i can tell you, everything i can see out my window is nothing. even the construction zone has come to a halt because they were building on to a new -- the west end market, one of our special dining halls right across from deitrick and my office is just right across from it. the whole construction crew is gone. so the whole area has been cleared. to me, if this is cleared, it indicates everything has been secure. there's no traffic, no movement, no anything else. there was also -- we have flashing boards now inside of our buildings that gave the alert and also verbal alerts on
7:53 am
the sound system outside the building, so i think all of that came into play to help people get secure. >> all right, and as you heard there, i was asking lynne about these summer camps and i just wanted to give you a phone number, if you're a parent watching this and your child is in one of those summer camps there on cool pus, you can call this number, 540-231-3925. once again, that number is 540-231-3925, if you want to find out the status of your child, if they are on the virginia tech campus attending camp. brianna keilar, you actually were there in 2007, we will never forget that shooting rampage when more than 30 were killed when that gunman, that student went on a shooting rampage. so when we got the news about virginia tech being on lockdown, that there were reports of another gunman, possibly on the campus, you could imagine how all of us were feeling.
7:54 am
and then you heard right there from lynne davis, she was there at that time, you mentioned larry hinker as well, you talked with these people when you were the first reporter on the scene back in 2007. so let's talk about the security policies that have changed since then. we definitely got word about this a lot quicker this time around. >> reporter: that's right and i think the difference that you have really seen -- and it's important, kyra, because we look at this report and the word may have a gun is in there. i mean i think what's really important to focus on is, this could turn out to maybe be something very small or maybe not what these students thought. but the fact is this university takes things much more seriously than they did on that day and they have learned tremendous lessons at a very tremendous cost. because if you'll recall, there were actually two shootings that day at virginia tech, the shootings by the shooter we show at two different locations, one was at a dormitory where there
7:55 am
was a female student and a male student that were killed and there was a 911 call that went to police and they actually secured the crime scene but they thought it was some sort of domestic dispute, they didn't lock down the campus and they didn't send out an alert until hours later. and there were students who were going to class and it was a few hours later when cho began the shooting that took the lives of 30 more students, 30 of the 32 lives that were lost, so i think what you're seeing here is just the response of sending out an e-mail. i remember what they talked about. and i can't confirm at this point if virginia tech has done it. there were some students who said i didn't get my e-mail, i didn't check my e-mail and there was talk of doing something with text messaging instead of just
7:56 am
e-mails. but the shooting started at 8:15 and the word didn't go out until 10:00 a.m. >> brian narks thanks so much, if you're just tuning in, i'm going to get you updated just before the top of the hour. this is what we know, we got word that there were reports of a gunman possibly on the loose at virginia tech campus. we did get lynne davis on the line from communications there at virginia tech. and here's what we know. there are a number of summer camps going on on campus. summer school also is in session. apparently three kids from this camp called in saying they saw a white male, mobipossibly with a handgun, being covered up with some type of a cloth. here's the description that the kids gave, white male, light brown hair, six feet tall, no glasses or facial hair, wearing blue -- wearing a blue and white striped shirt, gray shorts and brown sandals, right now
7:57 am
virginia tech on lockdown, you won't see anybody on that campus if you look through their security cameras which we have been looking through and authorities from all different entities looking for this man that's been described by these three kids. we're following the breaking news story for you, we'll take a quick break and fredrick whitfield coming up at the top of the hour. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lily and i are back on the road again. where we belong. with zyrtec®, i can love the air®.
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